Hi, I'm Kunal, a software engineer and a machine learning enthusiast.
I develop sustainable backends for mobile and web applications.
And I love what I do.


  • Software Development Engineer
     IAMSec Vision Pvt. Ltd.
    - Designed and implemented data pipelines for clients and performed ETL tasks which essentially increased the data ingestion speed by 10%.
    - Developed authentication plugins for Gluu server in JAVA using PF4J(Plugin framework) which enabled user certificates/CAC card authentication.
    PresentAugust 2018
  • Software Developer
    Zepo Inc.
    - QA and testing of the web app for Logistics Management.
    - Worked in development of Unbxd search engine replica using Flask framework and Solr engine.
    August 2018April 2018
  • Web Development Intern
    Global Super Elite
    - Developed GSE Marketplace web app which offered solutions for the users to search experts of any domain registered on the Global Super Elite network using PHP.
    - Developed a user-friendly dashboard for account management for the experts, users and the admin.
    August 2017July 2017



HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Angular JS.


Java, Python, Android, Flutter, Django, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Shell Scripting.


BigQuery, SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, LDAP, Active Directory, JSON, Firebase, Firestore.

Dev Ops

Github, Bash, Docker, Kubernetes, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, Numpy, Pandas, Cloud(GCP, AWS).

Recent Projects

VSCode X Trello

A Visual Studio Code extension which extracts all the TODO comments from the current file and creates task cards on the user selected Trello board. You can download the extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Project Details...

Hello Messenger App

  • A cross platform mobile application built using flutter and firebase at its back-end for P2P messaging.
  • User can create his/her profile, find friends and send friend requests in order to initiate messaging.

Project details...

Vehicle Monitoring and Management System

  • IoT based system using Node MCU micro-controller, firebase and an android application.
  • Users get real-time updates on the app regarding the vehicle's lock and light state, location, fuel level and get speed alerts if the speed limit is crossed and theft alerts if the location of the vehicle is changed while being in a locked state.
  • User can also control the lights, horn and lock from the application.

Project details...

Gluu Identity and Access Management

  • Developed an Authorisation Server in NodeJS to act as a protection layer for the API endpoints and added SAML support to a client application for Single Sign-On.
  • Developed authentication plugins for Gluu server in JAVA using PF4J(Plugin framework) which enabled user certificates/CAC card authentication.

IDEIIO Identity Bridge Google Admin Support

Developed a connector in JAVA to pull the data from Google Admin APIs and feed it forward to the Ideiio servers.

Home Automation

IoT based home automation using Arduino UNO with android application and connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi.

Internship Database Management Website

Developed a website along with a team of 3 students for data management and analysis of internships applied by students of our college using PHP and local database server XAMPP.


Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree
Machine Learning
Coursera | Stanford University
Applied Data Science in Python Specialization
Coursera | University of Michigan
Data Engineering with Google Cloud
Coursera | Google
DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer
Coursera | Deeplearning.ai

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